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Driven by the passion to deliver desirable and sustainable change in human behavior, Optimum Professional Training Academy (OPTA) has been helping hundreds of corporate entities, big and small. Essentially, we deem our performance improvement training and consulting to be successful only when we see visible signs of your teams recording optimal levels of performance with confidence and ease.
OPTA has been playing an active role in igniting the desired changes in people, helping our clients to attain the desired performance levels in their teams. We enable organizations to manage and improve the collective skills, knowledge and performance of their people. Our client base consists of more than 200 organizations across Malaysia.
Client Testimonials
Thank you Mr. Jaya for the training session. Very fruitful session, learnt new things, reflected own self for better me.
Thank you Mr Jaya for sincerely helping us to unleash our potential. Have a great day today and have a safe flight.
Thank you Mr. Jaya, learnt a lot both from you and fellow colleagues. Very happy with the fruitful sessions and can’t wait and kick start and come up with new initiatives!
Thank you Mr. Jaya, we sincerely appreciate the time and effort you took throughout. You have helped us self-reflect and we hope to be better versions of ourselves from it.
Thank you Mr. Jaya, I hope you enjoyed training us as much as we enjoyed your session. Take care for the rest of your stay and hope you come back soon.
Thank you Mr. Jaya, I really2 appreciate the time you took meticulously expand on our ideas to improve the quality of our office life. Wish you safe flight.
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