About Us

Who We Are
Driven by the passion to deliver desirable and sustainable change in human behaviour, Optimum Professional Training Academy(OPTA) has been helping hundreds of corporate entities, big and small.
Essentially, we deem our performance improvement training and consulting to be successful only when we see visible signs of your teams recording optimal levels of performance with confidence and ease.
OPTA has been playing an active role in igniting the desired changes in people, helping our clients to attain the desired performance levels in their teams. We enable organizations to manage and improve the collective skills, knowledge and performance of their people. Our client base consists of more than 200 organizations across Malaysia.
Over the years, we have built a consistent track record in developing and delivering people development programs in the areas of Individual Performance, Leadership Effectiveness and Team Synergy.
We also provide Executive Coaching to help senior executives to be even better team leaders. OPTA is one of the very few training companies that has strived on its quality and customer satisfaction. Our structured training approach has been endorsed and affirmed by industry professionals, making us a reliable training partner.


We aspire to be the finest training company primarily focused on human capital development.


Our Objective

We strive towards achieving excellence in the field of training & consultancy. We aspire to combine the inventive learning ideas that strive to build professional competencies that would bring the revolution you need to boost your career.

Our Values

We act with INTEGRITY at all times. We practice continuous LEARNING to innovate and benefit our stakeholders. We strive for team SYNERGY, not just individual achievements. We deliver RESULTS and not just activities.
Our Team
CEO & Principal Trainer
Mr. Jayakumar Raj
Head of Business Development
Mr. Nazaruddin Bin Bokhari
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